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You may have forgiven everybody who has hurt you, but have you forgiven yourself?

Forgiveness is a choice. Choosing to hold on to unforgiveness is not healthy and that unforgiveness can turn into bitterness. When we have angry, bitter thoughts about others, it can eat away at us and cause physical symptoms in the body. In my healikng journey realized that I was holding on to some unforgiveness towards my parents and other people who had hurt me in the past. I chose to forgive them and stop hanging on to past wounds.

What I failed to do was to forgive myself for past mistakes, decisions I wish I had not made, choosing the medical route for 14 years when healing was available to me all along, and how I mistreated my body with an eating disorder for 40 years. I had to learn to forgive myself, much like I had forgiven other people. It was much harder but I realized that I really truly did the best I could given the way I was raised and the information I had in the past.

In the blog post below Teresa shares that she felt she deserved to be sick, because of the things she had done in her past. She then shares how to forgive yourself and move on and how she received her healing. I believe you will find it inspiring.

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