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Six Vital Keys to Support Healing

Have you tried everything to get better, but you are still struggling with chronic health issues? If so, take a look at these vital keys to support healing.

Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly are important for good health. However, people with chronic illness typically focus on a healthy lifestyle only, and try to “fix” physical symptoms with specialized diets, supplements, medications, treatments (saunas, vitamin infusions, colonics, etc.), and cleaning up their environment. I tried all of those and never got better. Below are the six vital keys that helped me to eliminate symptoms, stop taking five medications, and go back to living a normal life.

  1. Renewing the Mind (Romans 12:2): Learning that God wants me well, and that chronic pain, and other chronic symptoms, are due to mind-body syndrome, and not a physical issue with the body, was the first step in my healing journey.

  2. Stepping out in Faith: Once I knew that it was just mind-body syndrome, and that I am already healed (Isaiah 53:4-5), I slowly started going back to living my life like a healed person.

  3. Knowing my Identity: I identified lies I had believed about myself (I am not good enough, I need to be perfect, I have to take care of everybody around me, etc.) and chose to believe the truth – I am a child of God, a precious daughter of the most High, and I am the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ. In addition, I started treating myself like I treat others; with kindness, love, and compassion.

  4. Calming the Nervous System: There are many ways to do this. My favorite one is to meditate on scripture, but you can also walk in nature, slow down and pay attention to your breathing, journaling, and praying, for example.

  5. Retraining the Brain: Neuroplasticity teaches us that the brain can be changed up until the day you die. There are specific tools you can use to teach your brain that you are safe, and that you don’t need the symptoms it has been creating.

  6. Laughter is Good Medicine: When you have been chronically ill for a long time it’s hard to find any joy in life. Laughing has many proven health benefits and it also helps you to focus on something other than your symptoms. (Proverbs 17:22)

If you are not sure whether your symptoms are due to mind-body syndrome, you can click this link to request a FREE self-assessment.

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