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Testimony Thursday: Recovery from Fibromyalgia

Most doctors will tell you that there is no cure for fibromyalgia. What if that's not true!

The meaning of the word fibromyalgia is literally muscle pain. It is one of the diagnoses I got somewhere in my chronic illness journey. I believe it's a diagnosis doctors give when they just don't have another explanation for chronic pain.

Some doctors will say that fibromyalgia is due to an Epstein Barr virus infection and will recommend supplements, diet changes, avoiding coffee, and medication. Most doctors believe, and tell their patients, there is no cure. If you trust your doctor, and you believe that there is nothing that can be done, it will be nearly impossible to get better.

However, there IS a way out. Fibromyalgia is a mind-body syndrome and can be overcome with mind-body tools. Click on the link below to read Ellen's story about recovering from fibromyalgia, migraines, and more. She struggled with fibromyalgia for decades and recovered through knowledge, journaling, and learning to process her emotions. She also provides some great tips on how to recover from fibromyalgia and other mind-body illnesses. I believe you will find her healing testimony inspiring.

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