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Testimony Time - Dorado's Story

Have you been diagnosed with an "incurable" illness? What if healing is possible?

One of the things that helped me in my healing journey is reading healing testimonies. When you have been sick for a long time, and doctors have told you that you need to manage your symptoms, it's hard to believe that you can get better. Reading a testimony by someone who has overcome chronic illnesses, gives you confidence that you can achieve the same. It also reduces fear, and when you have less fear, that alone can reduce symptoms.

The reason I chose Dorado's story this week is because he was diagnosed with so many illnesses. TMS mostly addresses chronic pain and maybe fatigue, and the other chronic illnesses are referred to as TMS equivalents. People with these illnesses then doubt that their issues are also due to mind-body syndrome, which creates a loophole for the brain to continue creating symptoms. Click the link below to read Dorado's healing testimony. I believe you will find it encouraging.

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